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Compliance Senior Management Report Approval App is a tool designed to streamline and enhance the review and approval process for compliance reports within an organization. By leveraging advanced technology and user-friendly features, the app aims to improve efficiency, collaboration, and accountability in the compliance reporting workflow.

With this app, authorized users can securely submit compliance reports in various formats, such as PDF or Word documents etc. The app then initiates a well-defined review workflow, assigning reviewers, and sending notifications to ensure timely completion.

Tracking the approval status of reports is made easy through the app's intuitive interface. Users can monitor who has approved the report.


PowerApps is used for user interface to enter the details of reports and display the existing reports.

Using this screen, users will be able to create senior management report along with multiple approvers.

In this above screenshot, User will be able to see report details along with status who ever have approved /cancelled. Note: If approver will not approved/cancelled status will show Initiated.

The above screenshot is view screen where the User will be able to see details of approver along with time.

Power Automate:

Using Power Automate flow, Approval email is handled.

PowerApps trigger is created to send the details to the flow. From flow approval mail is sent to the approver of the selected record.

Once Approver will approve the details, flow will log the details along with time.

By leveraging the Compliance Senior Management Report Approval App, organizations can streamline the compliance reporting process, reduce manual effort, enhance collaboration, and maintain a clear audit trail. Experience a more efficient and transparent approach to compliance management with innovative solutions.

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