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“Jingle bells, jingle bells

Jingle all the way”

puts smiles on all our faces. No matter how old we are, we just love to get presents. So hence comes the concept of Secret Santa. So, by using power automate we have designed an app. Below is the explanation.

This is the home page of the application.

Here on clicking the “Find Secret Santa” button user will go to next page where user can find the Secret Santa for a person.

Here on the left side user will see his/her name with the greeting and on the right-hand side user can input ‘n’ number of people names and find Secret Santa for all the entered names Separately.

On the dropdown, the user will find all the participant’s names and user can select any of the names and find them a person whom they will have to give the gift to.

After selecting a name user needs to click on the “Draw name” button, then user will get a popup with all the names entered except the name which was selected on the dropdown before.

And after that a popup will come with a particular name and the selected name will be Secret Santa of the person whose name is shown in the popup.

So, here Adrija is Secret Santa of Bipasha.

And here one more feature is available. On clicking the “OK” button a mail will be sent to Adrija.

After all these things user will be able to choose the participant’s name again.

After assigning every Secret Santa their names will automatically get eliminated.

For example, ‘Adrija’ was assigned Secret Santa for ‘Bipasha’, so Adrija’s name got deducted from the dropdown.

This was all about the Secret Santa app. Hope you enjoyed it.

Merry Christmas to you all.

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