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A parts order form app is a digital tool that simplifies the process of ordering parts for a business. It provides a user-friendly interface for users to input the necessary details of a parts order and track its progress. By automating the parts ordering process, the app can reduce errors and save time for both the user and the organization.

The parts order form includes following features, which work together to create a seamless parts ordering experience providing valuable insights for the organization to optimize its parts procurement process.

a) Input fields: The app provides input fields for users to enter the necessary details of a parts order. This typically includes the part number, quantity, location, and any other relevant details.

b) Process & Approval: App include 2-step secure authorization from Process order screen and Approval screen.

c) Tracking: The app allows the user to track the status of their parts order, including when it was submitted, processed, approved and when it will be fulfilled.

d) Reporting: The app provides reporting functionality to allow the user to view and analyze parts order data, such as order history and trends. Reports can be generated within the app.

This is the main screen of the application.

Here user can add a Order Parts using the order parts option present in the main screen.

Once user will click the order parts then user will move to the below page.

On the click of plus button user can able to add new Order.

After clicking the plus button user will move to the below screen.

Once user will submit the order user can add parts for the added Service Order.

By clicking on add button user will able to add parts.

After clicking add button user will move to a new screen.

After successfully adding of part, user will be moved to the parts dashboard screen.

Here, user can see all the added parts for the service order.

Once all the parts are added then it is going to the next step .

The next step is 'Approve Order'. Here we have added the permission feature only for those who have permission to approve any order. Only he/she can approve the order.

Once the user will click the approve order button then the user will move to the below screen. Here, user can see the newly added orders.

When user will click on the Approve button, user will move to another screen where user can verify the order and also user can verify each parts.

Here, user is able to Approve or Decline the order.

Once it is Approved user will see this approved order in ‘Process Order’ section.

When user will click the 'Process Order' button, user will be redirected to the process screen.

In the above screen user will see all the approved orders. User can able to further process all the approved orders by clicking on ‘Process Order’ button.

Once user will click on ‘Process Order’ button then user will move to the below screen.

Here user can add ‘Supplier’s details for each approved Parts.

Once all the suppliers are added for all the parts, user can able to process the Order. After clicking ‘Process’ button current order will be processed.

In this application, we have added one section where user can see all the processed orders. Below you can see ‘View Completed Orders’.

In the above screen, user can see all the completed orders with all the parts. To see the parts, user have to click on the 'View Parts' button.

After clicking 'View Parts' button, user can see all the parts of the selected order. You can see one example below.

And one more features we have added into this application - ‘User Permission’ feature. Basically, in this section we’re controlling who can approve or can process any of the submitted orders.

To use this feature, user need to take permission from admin then only user will be able to use. Once user gets the permission then user can give permission to any of the person of his organization. To give permission we’ve to click on the ‘User Permission’ section.

After that user will move to the below page where user can see all the given permission.

If user wants to give permission to someone else then he/she have to click the plus icon. After that user will be redirect to the below page.

In the above page, user is able to give permission to any of the people in the organization. When user will click the user dropdown, user can see all the mail Ids of the people in the organization. After selecting any of the email Id, user can give the permission for ‘Approve Order’, ‘Process Order’ & ‘User Permission’. For these three fields, user have to just choose ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. If user chooses ‘Yes’ for any of the three fields then that selected user can access those sections in the application. If user chooses ‘No’ for any of the three field then user can’t access those fields. After filling up all the fields user have to click on ‘Submit’ then only selected user can get the permission.

We hope you all liked the app and understood the functionality of this particular application.

For further queries or demo please comment below or contact us.

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