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How to Merge PDF documents using Power Automate

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Are you worried about how you can merge two pdf files in one file?

Suppose you have two files and you have to merge them immediately, one consists of 80 pages, and another one consists of 20 pages, and you don't have time to submit it to your boss within 5 minutes.

What will you do?

Here the one who can help you to merge your two files within 5 minutes is Power automate.

What Power automate?

Yes, Power automate can help you to merge two files.

You can do it by power automation using an instant flow method.

Let's see how we can merge it step by step.

STEP 01: Create a manual trigger.

Firstly you have to start the flow by using trigger flow which will start manually because the instant flow will always start with being triggered manually.

It will not run after a specific period like as we have others, flows which are time dependency example is schedule flows.

Instant flow won't run any specific event or any particular time. It only works manually.

This instant flow is always triggered by a person or manually.

It will only start if the user starts it with the app when he or she wants.

By building a new instant flow, you have to select a manual trigger to start your flow.

STEP 02: Get the file content using Path ( Sharepoint)

Our second step will be giving the actual Path of the file to merge two files easily.

So we have to define a path; after selecting a manual trigger, we will have a NEW STEP.

Select that option and search for "Get the file content using path" select it; this action will download your saved pdf cover file from your Sharepoint and also define the Path.

You have to define its Path

you have to insert the actual Path and site address or location of your first Pdf document.

So here, Nadeem Alam.pdf is the Path of the first pdf file.

STEP 03: Get Another file using the file content using path connector ( SharePoint)

We have to merge two files, don't we?

So, where is the path and site address of another or second file?

Yes, you are thinking right. We also have to define the Path and address of the second file.

To connect both files, we have to insert the site address and Path we inserted in the above step.

Here I used "Sample.pdf' as a second pdf file path.

STEP 04: Merge the 2 PDF documents

After defining the paths and addresses of both files, we have to merge both files.

Select New step and search "Merge document to pdf" you will get a connector in front of you.

This connector will connect or merge both files.

Let's see how?

Insert a pdf file name; The file name you want after merging both files.

Here I used "Result" as a pdf file name.

Fille name; You have to insert your first file name, which you want to merge.

Here I used "Nadeem Alam.pdf."

File content; You have to insert your first file content using the Path you already defined above in step 02.

Filename 02; You have to insert your second file name, which you want to merge.

Here I used "Sample.pdf."

File content 02; You have to insert your second file content using the Path you already defined above in step 03.

NOTE; if you have any additional files, you can also merge them; firstly, you have to define every site address and Path of the pdf files, as I mentioned above.

STEP 05: Save the file in SharePoint.

Finally, we have to save the Result file.

Select new step and search and create file action in SharePoint connector.

Insert a site address and also insert the Folder path; Insert your target output folder path.

File Name; Insert file name manually or from the above file name.

File content; merge the pdf connector file content we created above to get the result.

Now you can easily merge your file within 5 minutes.

If you have any questions regarding it, please let us know.

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