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Measure your Brain Power with MS Form Quiz System

||To learn One must Listen, To improve One must Try||

A MS Form is used to make a quiz system where the admin will set the questions and then answer the form himself to set the correct answers in the list. After that the users' answers will be compared with the listed correct answers and a score is calculated.

Step 1

At first we have to make a form which takes in all the input.

Form structure -

Step 2

Then we have to make a SharePoint list to store all the responses from the form.

Step 5

Then all the answer data is taken in and a for loop is used to check each of the answer with one row which was previously created by the admin, and it contains all the correct answer

Step 6

For each question in the form a condition is made to compare the correct answer with the current user answer.

Step 7

If the answer is correct 10 marks is added to that user and at the end of the flow the sum of that is stored in the list.

Step 8

After that the data is filtered with the highest marks data and an email is sent to the highest scorer.

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