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How to Integrate API in React

What is API?

How do APIs work?

What are API integrations?

What are the different types of APIs?

Are these questions troubling you as well??? Are you looking for how to integrate API in react????

We are back with all the solutions to all the troubles of your......

API stands for Application Programming Interface. APIs are mechanisms that enable two software components to communicate with each other using a set of definitions and protocols.

API architecture is usually explained in terms of client and server. The application sending the request is called the client, and the application sending the response is called the server.

API integrations are software components that automatically update data between clients and servers. Some examples of API integrations are when automatic data sync to the cloud from your phone image gallery.

APIs are classified both according to their architecture and scope of use. We have already explored the main types of API architectures so let’s take a look at the scope of use.

Private APIs

These are internal to an enterprise and only used for connecting systems and data within the business.

Public APIs

These are open to the public and may be used by anyone. There may or not be some authorization and cost associated with these types of APIs.

Partner APIs

These are only accessible by authorized external developers to aid business-to-business partnerships.

Composite APIs

These combine two or more different APIs to address complex system requirements or behaviors.

Why we use the API?

API is used for post, get, edit and delete the data between the server and client.

For data Post: -

For posting a data , we used a addNewClientGoal Api . This function is Async that’s why we have use the await . Through this API we can post or send the data to the server which can be get by other API call.

For getting data: -

For getting a data we have to call the Get API function.

For getting a data of particular client we have to pass the client Id. Then we will get the response which will be in JSON form. After that we have to convert the JSON into object for using or showing purpose of the data in our Project .

For editing data: -

After posting and getting of data we will move into editing.

For Editing the data we have to call the function editClientGoals(). We need three parameters. Those are id, client Id, data. After that data in server will be edited.

For deleting Post: -

After post, get, edit , User want to delete the data for this there is delete API

We have to call the delete API i.e deleteClientGoalsById() . This function carries two parameters. So have to pass those parameters be a id and clientId . After execution of this function data will be deleted from the server and also from the client side.

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