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How to embed image in email using Power Automate

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Sending out emails from automated systems that include images has been a long established capability from all the popular bulk email platforms. The Microsoft Outlook client allows you to paste in images or construct signature blocks that contain images such as your company logo.

This post Explain us how to embed images inside an email sent from a Power Automate flow.

Generally, user want to include images stored within SharePoint or attached directly in Flow.

There are a few different methods, and I will explain the differences as we go through the post.

Provide a simple link to the file in your email

This works well in the Outlook Web client, but not in other clients as the file is not reachable. So unless all of your clients are using Outlook on the Web, I do not recommend this method.

we are getting corrupt image in other client like as below:-

To overcome this Problem we need to create a very simple flow

Use Power Automate as a HTTP Web Server.

The most compatible way of embedding images in an email is to a publicly available image on the internet.

steps are as below:-

This flow responds to a HTTP request with a reference to the Image in the URL. The picID in the URL refers to the ID of the image in the SharePoint document library:

HTTP Server Link:-

By modifying the {picID} to the ID of the image you want to serve,we have to put our picID,as we shown in the below i am putting my picID that is(271).

Now getting back original flow that is below:-

By Applied that steps we are getting image in gmail.

Now I can send the email to almost any client and it will be able to display the image.

(Note: Please comment below if you have any queries and not able to replicate the same. Even we can help you in screen sharing as well)

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