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Facing issues to extract custom information from pdf? Do you know that data can be extracted from a pdf into Share Point list using AI model and Power Automate?

Troubled by the above questions? Then this is the one step solution to all your troubles!

Below is a demo of how to train AI builder to export the PDF data into Share Point list Using AI model and Power Automate.

Step 1.

Open office 365 account and go to power automate than click on AI Builder and then models after that click on document.

Step 2.

Select extract custom information from documents and click on get started.

Step 3.

Now need to choose document type document type can be structured and unstructured in the AI model we are using structured document PDF. So, select Structured Document and click on next.

Step 4.

Choose information to extract. Here we have multi pages pdf so by clicking on Add first we will add Fields. Field name we have to use from pdf by looking into pdf which field is unchanged in pdf in every page that field data has to be same after that we have multiple pages in pdf, so we need to create a table by selecting Multipage table (experimental) and enable multiple table.

Step 5.

Now click on next and add 5 documents by clicking on new collection. Pop will show where we can add document from SharePoint and from my device also here, we are getting documents from SharePoint. Please check the quick tips for more information.

Step 6.

Now we will tag the field first by selecting the field value and after that select the full page and click on the table name and start tagging the field to respective columns.

Step 7.

After tagging the document field in the table click on continue next page. Once document is tagged properly click on table 3 dots and choose done tagging.

Step 8.

Once tagging is done for all 5 documents click on next and train the model once model is trained than publish it.

Step 9.

Now create a folder in SharePoint where file will get uploaded. After that open your flow and add a trigger when a file is created in folder. Add site address of SharePoint and folder id.

Step 10.

Add an action get file content in this action put site address and filed id from dynamic content.

Step 11.

Add an action extract information from document. In this action choose AI Model name than form type to pdf and form would be output of get filet content body.

Step 12.

In the last take one applies to each and in the first select the entries output from extract information it would be the name of the table which we have created in AI Model. Now add and action create item SharePoint and give the site address list name and, in the column, choose from dynamic content column should be value.

For further queries or demo comment below or contact us.

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