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Design Employee Time-In/Time-Out Application using NFC Control in Power App

Mysterious thing, Time. Powerful, and when meddled with, dangerous. Just a millisecond difference and the course of event can be altered. NFC feature in Power App gives the power to supervise the time in and time out of your employee. Make certain that one and all are on the dot.

Step 1. Create Shifts.

In Canvas App, add one edit form and connect the form with Data source which can be SharePoint, Data verse, Oracle etc. Now you can add the fields which you want to capture.

Once Shift is created, you will be able to view the details of Shift in your Application.

If you have business and you want to maintain your employee Clock in and clock out time using NFC App, here is the solution for you. Let’s take an idea of small business.

Let’s see how?

Step 2. Employee Clock-In Clock-Out.

This Screen will allow to mark attendance of an employee by clicking on Clock-in it will navigate to new screen which will enable NFC Control.

Step 3. NFC control.

By clicking on tap button, it will read the data from card and then it will be visible on a pop up. We will get 3 buttons one for save online and one for save offline or one for cancel.

Step 4. Show Attendance Data of employees.

The data will be filtered by employee’s name.

Step 5. Shift Summary.

Solemnly be up to time and don’t let the muggles meddle with your course of action.

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