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Complete Guide to Microsoft Power Automate (Flow)-Intermediate-Rs:399-(3 hrs)

Complete Guide to Microsoft Power Automate (Flow)-Intermediate-Rs:399-(3 hrs)

SKU: pwraut_Exp

What you'll learn


  • Automate any ask

  • Understand flow diagrams and how they visually represent a task

  • Create flows around everyday tasks, like sending an email or responding to an email

  • Learn about the five different types of flows (instant, automated, scheduled, UI, and business process flows)

  • Execute, share, manage, and monitor all your flows

  • Concepts you need to get certified by Microsoft

  • Integrate external applications into your flow using connectors and using API / HTTP requests

  • Create complex flows with conditions, loops, approvals, user input, and multiple actions

  • Apply Robotic Process Automation using Desktop or Web UI flows

  • Read Microsoft Power Automate documentation and resolve errors for future application builds


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