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Say Lumos and Drive away all the Mess with Teams Planner

Just like coffee break in between class, popcorn break in between movie, want a break from all the blurry days at work. Use teams planner to organize everyone’s work throughout and stay ahead. Legends said “When in doubt, Go to the Library”, we say “When unorganized, Go to Teams Planner.

Here is the demo for you

The Setup – Create a Form, List, Planner and Power automate

Step 1:

1. Create a form in Microsoft Forms with the information you are wanting to collect

2. Fill out the form as a test.

Step 2:

Create a SharePoint list with all the fields as separate columns in MS Forms earlier.

Step 3:

Create a new Planner from app section of Office 365.

Step 4:

Create a new channel in teams. Under the General section on the ‘+’ icon add a new tab Tasks by Planner.

Create a plan and save it. Under the tab section the Planner name will automatically appear.

Select the planner and the Planner will appear on the heading section of the group.

Step 5:

Now we need to create a power automate flow.

Connectors Required:

1. Forms- When a new response is submitted.

2. Get response details.

3. Create item.

4. Get Items.

5. Create a Task (Preview)

Fill the ‘Create a task’ field from the share point data.

Note: Priority field is Number Type. Example- 1 is Urgent, 3 is Important, 5 is Medium, 9 is low.

So, we need to initialize a variable which will change according to the data coming from the form response (Urgent, Important, Medium, low) and we need to pass that variable in the priority field.

6. Update task Details.

7. To add notes in the Planner write the notes in the description portion of the update task details connector

8. Post message in a chat or channel.

Flow Map

Once the form is submitted the flow will automatically run.

The task will be assigned to the particular person in teams and a message will be posted in the group along with message.

The Assigned user will be personally notified on his teams and task will be assigned.

Now don’t get lost like the ringing phone in your mum’s handbag. Make use of Teams Planner and leave no room for Manoeuvre.

For further queries or demo please comment below or contact us.

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