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No more Owls for sending HTML Tables in E- Mails Use Power Automate and drive your problems away

Spent 24 hour and feel like need more hours in a day, but still can’t figure out way to send email with HTML table? Say adios to all your trouble, because all your orisons have been acknowledged. Power Automate will help you to send emails with HTML table. Furthermore, one can create HTML table in Power Automate from SharePoint List.

Here is a demo shown below.

Step 1: Create a flow.

In power automate create the flow choosing instant cloud flow. Add a trigger when items is created in share point. And one more action Get Items. In the trigger give site address and list name, then in the Get Item give same site address and list name.

Step 2: Add an action one select and other create html table

After adding get item add an action Select Data operation and in this action on very first in the from section

Give get item value and in the map section, on the left hand side write column name, on the right section give the column name from trigger when item is created. Now add one more action create html table and in this action Form section just give the output of Select.

Step 3: Add an action compose.

Now add an action compose data operation in this action in the input just put the code of html and CSS and output of the create html table.

Step 4. Add an action send an email v2

Now add an action send an email v2 in the to section give the email id and in the subject mention subject and in the body just put Compose output.

Don’t spend your daylight trying to make emails right and let Power Automate take your shift. It’ll surely be with you from dusk till dawn.

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