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Make your heart a Stereo and not Storage-home Use One-Drive to Store your Email attachments

Don’t let your attachments or documents be another dusty record on the shelf. “One Drive” a place for everything, and everything in its place. Store your documents in One-Drive safe and sound for eternity. Make One-Drive your radio, turn it up when you feel drown in the ocean of documents. This melody was meant you.

Here is a demo shown below.

Power Automate Flow

Let us start with the auto trigger, which triggers whenever a new email arrives at the configured user’s inbox. Here we have configured the trigger actions with some more options explained below. We can also use other options like export email only with attachments, emails having particular subject etc.

· Folder: Inbox

· To: User email addresses

· Only with Attachments: Yes

Note: Since we have selected the option Only with Attachments as Yes, the flow will be triggered only if the email received has an attachment(s)

Apply to each – Loop

Next action is using the Apply to each action to loop through all the attachments. The input to this action should be the Attachments output from the trigger.

The other actions mentioned below should be inside the Apply to each action which means for each individual attachment, we have to do the following a

Create File in OneDrive

Fill the field with the email responses.

Note: in the folder path give the path where you want to store the attachment in one drive followed by a function formatDateTime (utcNow (),'MMM-yyyy') to create a separate folder every time a new attachment arrives on a particular date.

One-Drive hears your thoughts in every note, just single alone with the stereo.

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