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Let us see today that how we can migrate a data from sharepoint list to postgreSQL data base.

In this blog, we'll go over the steps to transfer data from a SharePoint list to PostgreSQL using TypeScript.

This blog will include

· setting up the environment

· connecting to SharePoint

· using Postman

· connecting to PostgreSQL

· mapping the data

· implementing the migration

using a filter query and getApi.

1.Setting up the environment:

Before we start coding, we need to set up the environment. We need to have Node.js installed, along with TypeScript, PostgreSQL, Postman and the npm package for PostgreSQL. Once we have these set up, we can create a new TypeScript project and install the required packages.

Also have to setup ‘.env’ file like this:

2.Connecting to SharePoint:

To connect to the SharePoint list, we need to use the SharePoint REST API. We can use the request package to send HTTP requests to the SharePoint API and retrieve the data. We can also use other packages such as sp-request that simplify the process.

For example, we can define SharePoint REST API like this:

Filter query and getApi:

In order to retrieve a specific set of data from the SharePoint list, we can use a filter query. This allows us to retrieve only the data that meets certain criteria, making the migration more efficient. Additionally, we can use the getApi method to retrieve the data from SharePoint in a specific format, such as JSON.

Like this we can use filter query: -

const filterQuery = `$filter=sharePoint_column eq ${data}`;

const filterQuery = `$filter=sharePoint_column ge ${data}`;

3.Using Postman:

We can use Postman to retrieve the data from the SharePoint list in JSON format. Postman is also popular API development tool that allows us to test and debug REST APIs.

4.Connecting to PostgreSQL:

To connect to the PostgreSQL database, we need to use a database driver. The most commonly used driver for TypeScript is pg, which provides a simple and straightforward way to connect and interact with a PostgreSQL database.

5.Mapping the data:

Once we have connected to both SharePoint and PostgreSQL, we can start mapping the data from SharePoint to the PostgreSQL database. we need to create a table in the database with the same structure as the SharePoint list. we can then iterate over the SharePoint data and insert each record into the PostgreSQL table.

6.Implementing the migration:

The final step is to write the code to carry out the migration. We can create a function that retrieves the data from SharePoint, maps the data, and inserts it into the PostgreSQL table. We can then run this function as needed to perform the migration.

In conclusion, migrating data from SharePoint to PostgreSQL using TypeScript is a straightforward process. By using TypeScript, we can write robust and maintainable code that can handle the migration with ease.

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