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Holiday Reminder a day before using Power Automate

Who doesn’t love Holidays????

But do you tend to forget dates???

The holidays are the perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways to make life better for those around us.

But in this fast-growing world, drowning in our hectic schedule we might forget about the holiday itself.

So here we are with a solution for you!!!!! You can send holiday reminders a day before using Power Automate.

Below is a demo of how to create the flow.

STEP 1. Create a SharePoint List

Create a list in SharePoint to store the list of Holidays you want the reminders to be sent for. Here, a list named HolidaysReminderList has been created.

STEP 2. Use Scheduled Cloud Flow

Select Scheduled Flow and name it as desired then set the Interval to “1” and frequency to “Day” as we will be checking for Holiday on a daily basis.

STEP 3. Store the Present Date

Use a compose connector and store the present date with the following expression.

STEP 4. Add 1 day to the present day.

Take another Compose connector and use the addDays function to add 1 day to the present day with the following expression as we want the reminder to be sent a day before the Holiday.

STEP 5. Format the above calculated date.

Use another compose connector to format the output in ‘yyy-MM-dd’ format using the formatDateTime function as shown below.

STEP 6. Get the items of the HolidaysReminder List

Use the GetItems connector to fetch the records of the HolidaysReminder List. Specify the List and Site name as shown.

STEP 7. (a) Use the Apply to each connector.

Inside the Apply to each connector select the get items “Value” as the required output to so that it checks all the dates mentioned in the HolidaysReminder List.

(b) Use a Condition control inside the Apply to each.

Use condition control to check if the calculated date in compose 3 equals the date in the ‘Days’ Column in the HolidaysReminder List . If Yes, Post a message as a Reminder for the Holiday in Teams (or through any other means like,E-mail) using the ‘Post a message in a chat or channel’ operation for Teams.

For further queries or demo please comment below or contact us.

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