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Govern Your Official Call Details Using Power App

Drowning in high call volume? Then you are at the correct place.

Call Slate is a one stop solution for all your muddle. It helps in monitoring your call together with retaining the details of the conversations. The App offers a unique integrated experience. In case you’re having second thoughts whether if it’s a right fit for your business requirements, some top benefits of call logging are put down.

· Checking Call Logs

· Support Contact Centre Analytics

· Improves Customer Service

· Enhances Employees/Agent Performance

· More Control Over Business costs

· Satisfy Compliance Standards

Here is the demo for you. How to manage your call log using Power Apps.

Step 01: Register Call Logs via Application

Once business call is received by the employer’s employee, he can immediately log the details using application and preserve the crucial call notes for future reference.

Basic data to be logged for the call is given in the screen, which can be modified as per requirement.

Step 02: Track Logged Call

No need to remember your important call details, just by one Click you will get all data in application dashboard. Here you can view caller details, who picked the phone, call notes & many more.

Now swim in the ocean of high call volume and don’t ever get drown.

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