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Become a Memory for Someone by devising a Power automate flow to wish Birthdays in Teams & Mail

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Your employee may be way past their 11th birthday and might not have received their letter from Hogwarts. Don’t let them be downhearted because it’s their birthday. And show them if not anyone the organization they work for cares for them.

We human being are so preoccupied chasing one goal after another, one desire after other, that we might not even bother to stop, take a deep breathe and look around. Look out for people we care for. And last but not the least laugh our heart out. So be the one to bring the change today. Take baby steps to do so. Wish them on their birthday and become an unfading moment of their life. After all we only exist in the moments and nothing more.

The best and beautiful things in the world can’t be seen or heard because they must be felt by the heart. Be a reason for them to feel the best things in the world on their birthday by creating Power Automate flow to wish Birthdays in Teams and Outlook Mail.

As an organization be the cause for your employee’s smile on their birthday.

Step 1:

Create a list having employee details in a SharePoint List which contains Date of birth and Name of all employees.

Step 2:

Now create a Scheduled cloud flow using power automate.

Set the interval at “1” and frequency at “Day” so that the flow runs everyday at a particular time.

Step 3:

Get data from the SharePoint list. Using the get items connector. Provide the path of the SharePoint list in the fields.

Step 4:

Create a html template which we will send as a birthday card to the employee. Add CSS to decorate it.

Step 5:

Add the HTML in a separate SharePoint List.

Step 6:

Get File content.

Step 7:

Using Condition to check birthday.

If the day and month of the Date of birth of employee matches with the present day and month the flow should run. Ex- date of birth is 3rd July 1995 so and today is 3rd July 2022 flow should run because day and month are same. So we check using Condition.


formatDateTime(items('Apply_to_each_4')?['DOB'],'dd-MM') is equals to


then we move forward in the flow.

Step 8:

Send a mail to condition that matches.

Pass the html file in the attachment of the mail.

Step 9:

Send a Message in teams.

Now the flow is complete, the user will get the birthday wish in Teams as well as in outlook mail.

Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light. Be the light in your employee’s birthday and shower happiness on their special day.

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