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Administer Grievance using Power Apps

Running in circles of Grievance? Grievance App is the answer of your hitch.

Humans are the uttermost valuable resource to any organization, ergo taking care of all there grievance is essential. As an HR executive, it might be a daily business to deal with employee grievances. The grievance may be genuine or sometimes illusory to the employees who feel dissatisfied with their job or the management. Grievance application extends assistance to monitor this segment of business.

Grievance Application incorporates the underneath caliber:

· Improves mutual understanding.

· Index of Organization health.

· Expression of Dissatisfaction.

· It Provides useful data.

· Affects Morale

Here is the demo for how you can use Grievance Application using PowerApps.

Step 01: Register Grievance by using the Grievance Application.

When you desire to register any grievance, then click on the Register Grievance button on the

Application. Thereafter a Register Grievance form will show up. All is left to do is fill the form. Once you fill this form admin get the notification for your grievance.

Step 02: Track you Grievance status.

Once registration is complete, you automatically move to dashboard screen. Here you get to see all your registered grievances along with their latest updates. You can also see your grievance status, if it is solved or in-progress. Furthermore graphical representation using pie chart is provided in the dashboard screen.

There are three options available to steer the grievance system with the pie chart

§ My Grievance

This unit is mainly for the grievant, who registers the grievance. Below is the pictorial view of how the screen will look for better understanding. This section also offers the grievant to see the update of his/her register grievance.

§ Received Grievance

This section belongs to the person to whom the grievance is being registered. The receiver of the grievance can update the status of the grievance.

Through this edit screen shown below, the assigned person updates the status and adds his/ her modification in the Action (Comment) section.

§ All Grievance

This segment belongs to the admin, he/she can see all the registered grievances.

.Following is the admin edit section. Here admin can update all the registered grievances by employee in admin’s Organization.

Say Expecto Patronum and drive your Grievances away.

For further queries/demo please comment below or contact us.

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